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Flushing Business Improvement District


​A cleaning team managed by Atlantic Maintenance Corporation cleans the sidewalks and empties public trash cans seven days a week. Following is the detailed schedule of sidewalk cleaning: Winter Months (November, December, January, February, March): Monday to Sunday from 9am to 8pm Summer Months (April, May, June, July, August, September, October): Monday to Sunday from 6am to 9pm Recognizing the importance of helping to provide employment opportunities in the local community, the Atlantic Maintenance Corporation followed through on their commitment to hire local Flushing residents for the maintenance worker positions. Currently, there are 10 full-time maintenance worker positions.
Holiday lighting managed by New York Christmas Lights and Decorating, Ltd. was turned on by Mayor Bloomberg on November 22, 2003. Holiday streamers with universal snowflake centerpieces were put up from Thanksgiving through the end of Lunar New Year festivities. A special snowflake centerpiece was placed at the main transit intersection of Main Street and Roosevelt Avenue.In a short amount of time, the BID accomplished many of its goals in its first year of operations. The BID has helped to make Flushing a cleaner and more attractive place for people to come work, live, play and shop. The BID has helped transform downtown Flushing into a destination of choice for all people from throughout the metropolitan region.Following are the primary goals of the BID for this first year of operations: 1) monitoring services, 2) setting performance standards, 3) bringing in additional resources, and 4) furthering the purpose of the BID through creative initiatives. With the committed leadership of the interim Board of Directors, the BID will continue to remain focused and steady in its goals.
At the request of the City and local community, the BID will be sponsoring a capital project to improve the streetscape in downtown Flushing. The BID has accepted an agreement from the City to maintain new amenities that will include distinctive street lights, new sidewalks, historic signs, a mural and sitting areas. The project is a 5 million dollar investment by the City in downtown Flushing that the BID only will be responsible for minimal annual maintenance costs.
​​At the request of our members, the BID will be creating a banner program to encourage business activity in the district. Three times a year, in the Spring, Summer and Fall, the BID will install 3' x 8' sized banners made of a heavy duty material onto the lamp posts. The decorative street banners will welcome people to Flushing and celebrate the changing seasons of the year. Sponsorship is open to all members of the BID as well as the local community. The banner program will also help bring in additional resources to the BID..
​As part of continuing efforts to keep the streets of Flushing clean, the BID will look into creative ways to remove the stench from the sidewalks. The stench that is heightened in the summer months must be tackled in more than one way. One of those ways is to expand on the pressure cleaning effort and work with the private carter companies to better coordinate the pickup schedules for commercial trash. Moving forward, the BID will maintain its commitment to providing efficient and cost-effective services to our members. The BID will focus on its primary responsibility to keep the streets clean and help raise the standards of cleanliness.