Participating Businesses
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Specializing in Hong Kong Style food, Maxi’s Noodle is known for its super-sized wontons and house-made hot chili oil


Beloved for their unique and wide selection of Asian flavors, their Black Sesame and Egg Custard ice cream is a must-try among many others.

Known for their crossing-the-bridge noodles from Yunnan, ShiMiaoDao serves piping hot broth with

a full spread of

varied toppings.


New York Tong Ren Tang is the place to go in Flushing for high quality traditional Chinese herbs and medicine.


Reliable pharmacy for most of your medical needs with excellent multilingual customer service.

NY Leather & Mink Inc.

NY Leather & Mink offers a good selection of quality leather and fur jackets and other apparel.


Come to Legend Chicken for a taste of authentic crispy Taiwanese fried chicken and unique night marketsnacks, like their garlic string beans and blood rice cakes.

Support local businesses and celebrate Lunar New Year at Downtown Flushing

Participating Businesses


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A good place to go for tea and desserts, from milk teas to fruit teas and souffle pancakes to taro balls,Young’s Dessert Bar will satisfy any sweet tooth.

Soy Bean Chan Flower Shop


Come to Soy Bean Chan Flower Shop for healthy house plants and flowers and leave with a container of delicious soy bean pudding or dou fu hua.

Fresh Sushi

Fresh and affordable sushi rolls and sashimi, perfect for a quick bite or take out.

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Xing Fu Tang attracts onlookers and bubble tea lovers alike with its made-on-the-spot fresh boba andirresistible brown sugar mix.

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Although named for dim sum, Grandma’s Dim Sum also offers noodles, soup dumplings, Peking duck, and many other traditional Chinese dishes.

New Flushing Bakery logo.png

Popular for their creamy and flaky egg tarts, New Flushing Bakery has various flavors, from the traditional Hong Kong-style egg tarts to unique Matcha Portuguese ones.

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We offer entrees inspired by cuisines from around the world