The Downtown Flushing Transit Hub Business Improvement District (BID) or "Flushing BID" is a not-for-profit organization that was formed in September 2003 by property owners, businesses, residents and community leaders with a stake in the downtown Flushing community. We are the 45th BID to be created in New York City.

The activities of the BID are governed by a Board of Directors composed of property owners, businesses, residents, government officials, and community representatives. With the leadership on the Board of Directors and the continued support from the local community, the BID will enter each year of operations in a strong position. The BID is continuously looking into new creative and effective programs to further promote the commercial district, while maintaining its commitment to providing efficient and cost-effective services to our members.

The BID acts as advocate, liaison, promoter, and problem solver for the community and provides a critical link between NYC government and the neighborhood. The members of the Downtown Flushing Transit Hub BID include businesses, hotels, financial institutions, restaurants, leading retail establishments both large and small, cultural institutions, public officials, and residents. As a public-private partnership between City government and the business community, the BID works hand in hand with our local elected officials and government agencies. The BID enables the community to truly unlock the enormous potential of Flushing and transform Flushing into a "destination of choice" for all people from throughout the region!

Community and business leaders alike now enjoy the visible results made by the formal partnership between City government and the private sector in Flushing as well as the increase in investment from the City into the neighborhood. The BID provides services to supplement the array of services that the City already provides. The BID helps to enhance the quality of life for all who live, work, shop and visit in Flushing.


Peter Koo
NYC Councilman

District 20

Toby Ann Stavisky
NYS Senator

District 16

Ron Kim
NYS Assemblyman

District 22

Sharon Lee
Queens Borough