职业培训课: 纽约市家庭装修执照

课程内容包括: 纽约市家庭装修法律、建筑商的义务和责任、合同起草、广告和销售规定及行业知识 · 课程优势 · 100%考试通过率 · 全面准备执照考试及申请材料 · 特邀演讲者,包括保险经纪、会计师及其他专家 · 合法执行家庭装修生意

Wechat Scam Alert

The Chinese WeChat, a popular messaging application is currently being targeted by cybercriminals and scam artists. The New York City Police Department has received an increase of reported Con-games after the victims used the popular Chinese APP WeChat. In each case the victim communicates with a person he or she meets on the WeChat APP and believes that the person on the other side of the chat wants to be friends; they persuade you to share your personal information with them. The con-artist will try to set up dates and agree to meet you at a predetermined location of their choice. In some cases the con-artist will ask the victim to send them explicit photos of themselves and when they

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