5 Things You Should Know About New York City Bus Lanes

Why a Bus Lane? Over two and a half million people ride the bus every day in New York City. Buses reduce traffic and air pollution because they are more space and fuel efficient. Bus lanes keep buses from getting stuck in traffic, making bus travel fast and more reliable. What is a Bus Lane? It is a travel lane restricted to buses only during certain hours of the day. During this time, other vehicles may enter a bus lane only to make the next available right turn, or to quickly drop off or pick up passengers. Violating bus lane rules results in a $115 – $150 fine. Emergency vehicles are the only other vehicles allowed to drive in a bus lane. All other vehicles may enter a bus lane only

Effective November 29: Q44 Select Bus Service

Overview The Q44 is a vital inter-borough transit link, connecting the Bronx and Queens while providing connections to several subway lines and the Long Island Rail Road. The Q44 also connects two thriving commercial neighborhoods in Queens, Flushing and Jamaica. In Queens, local service is provided by the Q20A and Q20B. Together, these three routes carry an average of 42,000 bus riders each weekday. StartFragment SBS Improvements Select Bus Service (SBS) brings faster and more reliable bus service to the Q44. SBS improves speed and reliability through dedicated bus lanes, off-board fare payment, and transit signal priority (TSP). SBS also improves passenger comfort and convenience through e

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