Dear small business partner,  


With COVID-19 positivity rates hovering at or below 1% for over a month, we are excited to announce that restaurants will be able to offer limited indoor dining beginning on September 30th! This is a huge win for our small business community, and we are so grateful to all New Yorkers for the hard work that went into keeping COVID-19 rates so low.  

Early Guidance for Indoor Dining 


Restaurants will be allowed to reopen for indoor dining beginning on September 30th.


They will be subject to rigorous inspection protocols and strict occupancy limits. Some requirements for restaurants include: 

  • Serve customers at a maximum of 25% capacity 

  • Conduct temperature checks at every front door 

  • Collect Test & Trace data from at least one customer at each table 

  • Close bar tops for seating 

  • Offer COVID-19 protections like PPE for employees 

  • Space tables six feet apart 


If New York City hits 2% in COVID-19 positivity rates, the City will immediately reassess.


Once indoor dining begins, the public will be able to call 833-208-4160 to make a report or text VIOLATION to 855-904-5036.  


Please continue to watch for emails from us as more information will be shared in the coming weeks leading up to September 30th.  

Have questions? Our team is here to help and support you as you reopen your business and navigate new guidelines.  


You can also visit us at or call our hotline at