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Programs & Services

Every year, the Flushing BID takes a survey of all the catch basins in the district and makes a list of catch basins which are clogged with litter. We then report this list to 311 for inspection by the Sewer Maintenance Division, which cleans out the litter, resulting in a more efficient sewer system in Downtown Flushing.


The Flushing BID works with small businesses within downtown Flushing to create incentives to maintain and increase foot traffic by compiling a set of coupons from participating local businesses for the consumers.


The Flushing BID's annual Gala celebrates the progress downtown Flushing has made over the past year with a night of performances, dining, socializing, entertainment and future plans for downtown Flushing to flourish.


At the request of our members, the BID created a banner program to encourage business activity in the district. The BID installs 3' x 8' sized banners made of a heavy duty material onto lamp posts. Sponsorship is open to all members of the BID as well as the local community. The banner program also helps bring in additional resources to the BID.


With a historical introduction of Flushing, detailed parking lots knowledge and up-to-date public transit information within downtown Flushing, the 2019 Flushing Guide lists everything from shopping centers to public services, hotels to point of interests, and more than 200 dining options to show off and attract residents and tourists to Flushing’s diverse offerings.


With more than 15 different restaurant vendors preparing over 100 food samples each, there will be no shortage of delightful and exciting Asian dishes to try. Our restaurant roster will present both traditional and modern samples from a variety of popular dishes ranging from sweet desserts to savory and spicy entrées.


Every winter, the Flushing BID hangs LED snowflakes and hosts a Holiday Lighting Ceremony.  The Holiday Lighting Ceremony has become a major community event where we kick off the holiday shopping season at Macy's with elected officials, Flushing BID board Directors, and community leaders. Afterwards, guests are invited to a Holiday Lighting Party to enjoy a delicious dinner together.

The Flushing BID compiled a master list of the locations of graffiti in the neighborhood and teamed up with a private contractor to remove graffiti that has been considered an eyesore in the community. We continue to remove graffiti every year as it reappears.


 The Flushing BID organizes power washing services every year around the summer time to clean and eliminate grease and odor from the sidewalks. This service is important to remove the residue that collects on the streets and sidewalks from the waste of restaurants and supermarkets in the area. 


The Flushing BID hosts an annual photo contest encouraging participants to capture the beauty of Downtown Flushing.  This not only draws people of all ages to explore Flushing looking for the perfect shot, it also provides a wealth of stunning pictures we can use to present Downtown Flushing in its best light.


The Flushing BID organizes a street festival near the end of summer every year. This festival takes place on 40th Road and Prince Street.  Participants will include exhibitors covering food, entertainment, health and educational awareness.  There will be plenty of exciting activities including face painting, dance and street art performance, Chinese arts and crafts, and music. Everyone is welcome to join and enjoy the games, foods, and spectacular performances.


The lampposts and other pieces of street furniture become weathered and dull from the elements each year, and the Flushing BID's sanitation crew repaints them to keep them from being eyesore, instead making them bright and attractive additions to the Downtown Flushing streetscape.


A cleaning team managed by JEHR incorporated cleans the sidewalks and empties public trash cans seven days a week. Currently, there are 10 full-time maintenance worker positions.​ Their schedule is as follows: Winter (November to March)- Monday to Sunday from 6am to 5pm. Summer (April to October)- Monday to Sunday from 6am to 6pm. 


Every holiday season, The Flushing BID organizes a toy drive every holiday season to provides and delivers toys and smiles to children in need from our community.