Amendments to the NYC Health Code

Effective Saturday, August 8th, new amendments (Article 81) to the New York City Health Code will be put on place. These new rules will have a significant effect on the operation of restaurants and other food service establishments in Flushing. Click here for the full text.

A summary of the major changes can be found below:

  • Identification tags are required for scallops when they are sold live in their shells, or when they are sold with their roe. (§81.04)

  • Exotic game meats are required to be inspected and acquired from commercially regulated sources. (§81.04)

  • Juice products prepared in a shop need to have warnings stating that it hasn’t been produced in a manner that prevents, reduces, or eliminates pathogens. (§81.04)

  • A permit is necessary for food service or non-retail food processing establishments. An establishment may not begin operating until 21 days after it applies for an initial permit. (§81.05)

  • Single use items, such as paper cups and plastic utensils, must be dispensed in ways that prevent possible contamination. (§81.07)

  • Fish must be frozen before served raw, raw-marinated, or undercooked to reduce risk of food-borne illness. (§81.09)

  • The date must be added on labels when food is being held out of temperature.

  • If food held out of temperature is then returned to temperature control, it is considered contaminated. (§81.10)

  • Starting January 1, 2016, establishments provide a written advisory for consumers about the dangers of food borne illness when potentially hazardous/time and temperature controlled food is being served raw or undercooked. (§81.11)

  • The activities during which food workers must wear hairnets have been changed. Electronic cigarettes are also prohibited during those activities. (§81.13)

  • Thermometers and temperature measuring devices must be calibrated to +/- 2 degrees. (§81.18)

  • Hand wash sinks must run with drinkable water. (§81.21)

  • Unprotected bait stations for pest control are prohibited. (§81.23)

  • Garbage and waste need to be stored in pest proof containers. (§81.24)

  • All food contact surfaces must be cleaned to prevent bacterial growth and contamination. (§81.27)

  • Chemicals registered as anti-microbial pesticides with the US EPA for food service must be used when items are chemically sanitized. (§81.29)

  • Establishments can allow customers to re-use or return food or beverage containers, as long as potential health risks are properly managed. (§81.46)

  • The maximum beverage sized is being repealed. (§81.53)

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