Introducing the 2019 Flushing Guide!

To welcome tourists and city residents to Flushing

We revealed the 2019 Flushing Guide today.

Joined by City Councilman Peter Koo, Downtown Flushing Business Improvement District unveiled the 2019 Flushing Guide today. The 2019 Flushing Guide is a combination of transit map and restaurant guide to provide a comprehensive navigation tool for visitors coming to Flushing.

Made possible with the support of City Councilman Peter Koo, the 2019 Flushing Guide is to encourage city residents and tourists to the neighborhood, whether from nearby or afar, to eat, shop and explore all that Flushing has to offer.

With a historical introduction of Flushing, detailed parking lots knowledge and up-to-date public transit information within downtown Flushing, the 2019 Flushing Guide lists everything from shopping centers to public services, hotels to point of interests, and more than 200 dining options to show off and attract residents and tourists to Flushing’s diverse offerings.

Flushing BID will partner with various city and local organizations to distribute the 2019 Flushing Guide. From tomorrow, March 2, 2019 Flushing Guide will be available for pick up at Flushing BID information booth in front of the Flushing Library.

A total of 15, 000 copies of 2019 Flushing Guide will be distributed to residents and tourists while a digital version of Flushing Guide will be available on Flushing BID’s website